The Build Zimbabwe Alliance

The Build Zimbabwe Alliance was registered as a political party in October 2016. Principled, accountable leadership are hallmarks of the Alliance, together with the voice and role of the citizen.

After decades of misrule, Zimbabwe cannot afford to compromise on its leadership. Change for the sake of change will not bring about the urgently needed transformation. The restoration and rebuilding of Zimbabwe after 2018 will require a robust solutions agenda with competent leadership.

BZA offers citizens and activists desiring to serve the people of Zimbabwe an opportunity to transition to formal civic and political leadership. This is achieved by the Alliance through personal development of candidates, exposure to global best practices, and the support to run for office.

Our plan for


Zimbabwe is in need of principled leadership at all levels, including the grassroots. Every level of public office has a direct impact on the success or failure of the socio-economic development agenda for the country.

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Our Manifesto

We will build a great nation by unleashing the incredible potential and promise of the Zimbabwean people

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Recovery Plans

As long as any province economy fails to be productive, the Zimbabwean economy will be affected

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We are a leadership incubator and platform, offering citizens and activists desiring to serve the people

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Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive or improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change, that is inevitable. –William Pollard —

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Dr. Noah Manyika

Get to know the man behind the Alliance, his life, what he stands for, and what his plans are for Zimbabwe.

Dr. Noah Manyika is the President of the Build Zimbabwe Alliance, a Zimbabwean political party driven by accountable leadership which engages with citizens for them to be active, solution focused participants in the country’s renewal and restoration, positioning Zimbabwe for rapid socio-economic development.


Noah Manyika’s Response to Newsday’s Manifestos
The Build Zimbabwe Alliance appreciates NewsDay’s recognition given to our party’s manifesto and the practical comparisons made between the five manifestos that were reviewed. Our...
War on Poverty: Ward 17, Chitungwiza North
The Build Zimbabwe Alliance is determined to build a great nation, bringing cities and rural communities into the 21st century. This includes rebuilding basic services...
Dr. Noah Manyika (Build Zimbabwe Alliance Presidential Candidate) 5/12/2018 Ladies and gentlemen, I want to take this opportunity to speak not just to you who are...