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Dr. Noah Manyika (Build Zimbabwe Alliance Presidential Candidate) 5/12/2018

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to take this opportunity to speak not just to you who are gathered in this hall, but to my compatriots in Zimbabwe and in the diaspora. Today is a special day for my campaign and for the Build Zimbabwe Alliance, because it is the day we are saying to our mobilisers: GO! Even though there is much we have been doing on the ground, much of it has been unseen by design.

From the onset, we never promised to run anyone else’s race. I am honored to be working with a team that understands that we must run at the pace dictated by our values, strategy, and goals. We are not here to out promise everyone, but to respect our people by telling them the truth.

To be sure, our dreams for Zimbabwe are as big as those of the biggest dreamers in our land. We dream of winning the war on poverty and moving over 70% of our people who live in abject poverty into the middle class. We dream of bringing our rural communities which are still stuck in the 19th Century into the 21st Century. We dream of a national road network that will integrate the rural economy into the national economy. We dream that the young person in their final year of college will have a job waiting for them before they graduate. We dream of robust and thriving provincial economies which will offer jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for the children of Zimbabwe. We dream that today’s vendor and artisanal miner will be tomorrow’s big business owner and mining giant providing the jobs we need and contributing to the health of our national fiscus. We dream that a teacher, nurse, doctor will be able to buy a house. We dream of proper water reticulation systems in the cities where drinking water shall no longer be from boreholes contaminated by nearby pit latrines. We dream of a Zimbabwe where people from Hatcliff will no longer have to relieve themselves in the cornfields next to their homes but have proper toilet facilities. We dream of a Zimbabwe whose greatness in all areas – health, sanitation, housing, education, is not measured by the standards of Africa, but of the world.

So we dream, just like the early nationalists dreamt of a free country. Then they went to war for the dream to be realized. Dreams may come freely to us, umuntu wonke uyaphupha but it takes serious commitment, leadership, planning, work, resources, to make them happen.

It’s important to stop and consider at this critical juncture in the history of our country the troubling fact that in the six decades of Africa’s post colonial experience, no African country has made the leap into the ranks of the First World. I am sure those that succeeded Africa’s bad leaders in the past had big dreams too, just like we do. The issue is not whether or not we can dream. The question is: can we build what we dream?

To the hazvina basa zvose izvo/ akula ndaba konke lokho crew, leadership can’t just be about dreaming.
Lee Kuan Yew did not just dream of a First World Singapore. He built it with sound policies. Konrad Adenauer did not just dream of a resurrected Germany after the Second World War. He built it. Vakavaka Masvingo eZimbabwe vaive vavaki kwete varoti.

As we release our mobilization teams today, the important charge I give you is to engage the citizens of our country in every constituency to encourage them to vote not just for the dreamers, but those who can build the dream.

I charge our mobilization team to remind the citizens that this election is not about rewarding anyone for the length of their fight against Mugabe, but rather about women rewarding themselves with the kind of leadership that ensures that pregnancy is not a sentence of death.
This is about having a government that will ensure that the girl-child no longer suffers from the indignity of not having sanitary pads. This election is about installing a government that makes the disabled know that they are not children of a lesser God. This election is about making sure that the young man and young woman from Binga who limit their dreams because of being from the marginalized Tonga tribe no longer do so. Ours must not be the story of false hope for the struggling citizens in Tsholotsho, Matopo, Chibuwe, or Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, but of real opportunities for a great future for every citizen of our country.

We cannot pretend we don’t know who destroyed our country. Their record is clear. The number and size of their billboards wont change their record. They may boast about their imaginary success, but if their candidate’s tenure as national and Rural Housing and Social Amenities Minister was an illustrious one as their manifesto claims, where are the successful housing projects and great social amenities? If they delivered the promises they made to the Zimbabwean people in 1980, why are more than 70% of our people still in poverty today? Why are 90% of our people unemployed?

There are men of the cloth, vaparidzi vanoti bvumai nhema who have abdicated their responsibility to lead. They want you to vote for failed leaders simply because vanobva kumusha kumwechete, zvavo zvinenge zvakavanakira.

Yesterday I went to my bank and only got 50 dollars in bond coins. Meanwhile Bond Notes are being traded openly on the streets. We know where. (Examples: Masvingo outside Chicken Inn; Harare Avenues)

We must also remind each other that elections confer appointing powers on those we elect. When we return these bad leaders to office, we will also be returning the bad leaders whose contracts their will renew, the police commissioners they will reappoint. The judges, the governors of the Reserve Bank and all those people who have caused our misery.

It’s time for us to make the right choices. It’s time to elect the right councilors. It’s time to elect the right MPs. It’s time to elect the right President. This is Dr. Noah Manyika of the Build Zimbabwe Alliance saying,


Thank you


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