Project 210+

Project 210+

Zimbabwe is in need of principled leadership at all levels, including the grassroots. Every level of public office has a direct impact on the success or failure of the socio-economic development agenda for the country.

Project 210 Plus (P210+) is a coaching program targeting BZA candidates for political office. While many political candidate programs focus on the campaign period and how to secure a position in office, P210+ aims to ensure that leaders taking office will effectively deliver and will be agents in rebuilding Zimbabwe. Every candidate under BZA in 2018 and beyond must complete P210+ and commit to servant leadership of the highest level, including the fulfillment of strong public service and volunteer commitments as a condition for future support. The P210+ curriculum will include:

  • The Zimbabwe Constitution, Human Rights and the Rule of Law
  • Integrity and Accountability Models
  • Effective Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Execution

It will ensure that those aspiring to be elected to Zimbabwe’s 210-member parliament have in-depth knowledge of their constituencies, thorough understanding of their mandate and role in the country, and how to connect communities to the promises and benefits of the 21st Century. For 2018, BZA will train and support 210 candidates to compete for every parliamentary seat. BZA will also train and support councilors to compete for ward representation seats. Prospective candidates should write to

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