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Its Time To Expose And Dismantle Zanu(PF)’S Rural

On the 17th of February 2018, I took two journalists to our rally in Zvimba West. My purpose was for them to witness first hand ZanuPF’s determination to keep opposition parties out of the rural areas. Once Justice Minister Ziyambi, the Zanu(PF) MP for the area found out that our party had secured police clearance and a venue, he gave instructions to the council in Murombedzi that no other party could hold a rally at the Growth Point because ZanuPF had booked every venue every day until August.  

ZanuPF’s calculation is simple: keep the opposition out of the rural areas where 70% of the voters are and Zanu(PF) wins regardless of how well any opposition party performs in the urban areas. They are counting on their rural voter intimidation machinery not being challenged or exposed by opposition politicians, journalists and diplomats who have drunk E.D.’s Kool-Aid and believe all the change Zimbabweans were fighting for and deserve happened in November of 2017. 

It is time to focus the fight where it matters. The frontline of the war against poverty that we must wage and win is not just in Mbare or Magwegwe, but in rural communities like Mabvure, Mashayamombe, Chinyabowa, Chivere and Matsvitsi where ZanuPF MPs like Ziyambi only show up towards elections to subcontract their thuggery to jobless youths who they fill with beer so they can intimidate innocent and vulnerable people to vote for failed leadership. We cannot build a great country without urgently exposing and comprehensively dismantling Zanu(PF)s rural voter intimidation machinery and making sure that Zanu(PF) lose resoundingly in every rural constituency in Zimbabwe. 

I am asking for your support as we initiate legal action against rural council officials who are used by ZanuPF to deny the people their rights, and the principals who instruct them, starting with Zvimba District Council CEO Mr. Peter Hlahlo and Justice Minister Ziyambi. Ziyambi’s behavior is no different from that of Justice Ministers who preceded him, including Mnangagwa who served in that capacity in a Mugabe government that violated your constitutional rights daily. Mnangagwa also oversaw the Defense and State Security Ministries when they were vicious enforcers of partisan interests that also violated your constitutional rights daily.  

I am calling on all Zimbabweans to support our efforts to go to every rural constituency between now and the election to ensure that all our citizens can exercise their constitutional right to vote for the party and candidates of their choice. I also appeal to Zimbabweans in the diaspora to intensify their fight to be allowed to vote. It’s not enough for Mnangagwa to concede that citizens in the diaspora have a constitutional right to vote while claiming lack of resources to make it happen. ZanuPF has been commandeering State resources for less important initiatives, including the recent purchase of over 250 cars for Chiefs. As everybody knows, there is nothing prohibitively expensive nor complicated about turning embassies into voter registration centers and polling stations. At a time as critical as this in the history of our nation, the failure of the government to do everything in its power to ensure that every qualified citizen exercises their right to vote amounts to a denial of that right. 

Is There Not a Cause?

Zimbabwe! Ilizwe Lethu! Ilifa Lethu!
Zimbabwe! Our Nation Our Heritage!
Zimbabwe! Nyika Yedu! Nhaka Yedu!

Dr. Noah Manyika (2018 Presidential Candidate for BZA)

leslyicdigitalIts Time To Expose And Dismantle Zanu(PF)’S Rural