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War on Poverty: Ward 17, Chitungwiza North

The Build Zimbabwe Alliance is determined to build a great nation, bringing cities and rural communities into the 21st century. This includes rebuilding basic services in each suburb.

This letter from a Chitungwiza North, Ward 17 citizen reflects poorly on 38 years of mismanagement by Zanu PF and opposition led local councils.

“Seke Unit K faces minimal provision of water, proper sewage and refuse collection.

– Water trickles for three days a week providing just 100 litres, which barely supplies a household for drinking, toilet, washing and other basics.

– Sewage moves to a dead end at each line of houses, where it drains into an open man-made stream. This exposes householders to health hazards and inhuman conditions.

– Refuse is dumped at the end of each line of properties and behind the shops, over-spilling into the roads. Combined with the open sewage there is a foul odour and potential for typhoid and cholera.

The Council and nobody seems to care and we need to vote in people concerned to deliver our families from these untold inhuman living conditions”

These are simple problems that require simple solutions. In terms of water supply basic plumbing solutions and servicing of broken valves will do the trick. The river of sewage requires the procurement of pipes in order to redirect it to the appropriate sewage management system. Eco-friendly waste management techniques can be incorporated to manage the build-up of refuse in the streets.

Years of mismanagement has left Chitungwiza North, Ward 17 in dire straits. BZA wishes to field real candidates and real solutions to everyday problems. Join us in fighting the war on poverty, through electing the right leaders #letsfixournation


Rubbish that municipality has failed to collect

Man-made stream of sewage between residences

Potential breeding ground for typhoid and cholera

Chantelle IrishWar on Poverty: Ward 17, Chitungwiza North

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